References The latest delivered shares FY: BERGAS SLOVAKIA, s r.o.  IBV MOJŠ - water ,STL  pipeline, sewerage  IBV TURIE - water, sewerage  D1 -Ivachnová  sewerage parts D1  IBV SVEDERNÍK  - water, STL  pipeline  Transhipment of STL pipelines DN 200,DN 100 Teplička nad/Váhom  IBV  Maršová  water, STL  pipeline  VTL protetion DN 300 Nový Smokovec  - Hotel ATRIUM  VTL protection DN 300 - D1 - Ivachnová  DHOLLANDIA CE -  Expedition and production hall Predmier. Constructor of STL, NTL industrial pipeline + MaR and supplier  of RS appliances. Launching of  technology for zinc hall which is the third most modern hall in Europe.  Transhipment of VTL, STL, NTL pipelines for ŽSR Trenčín, Púchov  Transhipment of VTL DN 300, 80, RS, STL, IMMOPARK Žilina  Development of STL, NTL pipeline and heating of CIPI hall Ružomberok  Development of STL, NTL pipeline Svedernik hall Filatech  Transhipment Development of STL pipeline D 315 Continental - Púchov  Reconstruction of boiler rooms – heating and NTL pipeline for Žilina Post Office  Development of high pressure mastic line PN 300 – KIA  Transhipment VTL DN 300, DN 200 and STL DN 100 Hubová – Ivachnová D1
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Comprehensive performance of technological contracts

Gas Construction Technology